Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Second Place is not Defeat"

I signed myself and my 4 kiddos up for a 5km Fun Race a couple of months ago.
We ran it last week.

I have to say races are so much more enjoyable and fun when there are people in it 
that you know and love and enjoy being with.

We good~naturedly all  tried to outrun the other...through the dark of the evening, over ice, through snow drifts, waiting at stop lights,
inspiring each other in a competitive way to run just  a bit faster.

Of course, I didn't come in first- 
(but I like to think it was close;)

~Post-Race Photo of 4 of my favorite running partners~

So I guess the quote for me after this particular 
race would have to be:

Second place is not a defeat.
It is a stimulation to get better.
It makes you even more determined.

(Portuguese Marathon Runner


Mike said...

Looks like a cold fun run! I totally agree races are so much more fun with friends and family. I assume you are working on getting your kids into triathlons or at least being sherpas for you :-).

Jack said...

Second is terrific, Dawn. Yay, you, and yay, your kids.

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

A 5km run in that weather condition ! amazing, I can imagine at all ...

Loveforfood said...

good quote.

Pam said...

Your fantastic, Dawn. Just the fact that you try and train so hard makes you a first class winner in my book.. You GO Girl!!