Saturday, January 7, 2012

Double the Time in my Day

I finally sat down and "totaled my Totals for 2011".

If I step back and look at seems okay.
But when I broke  it all down~ I'm lacking in the running department!
I did swim more than I thought, but I need to spin out a few more km's than I did on the bike.
My hiking meters need to pick up too.... for 2012;)

Over the entire 365 days of 2011, here are where my kilometers are found:

Running            876km
Cycling            2,234km
Swimming      243km (who swims more than they walk??!)
Walking            215km
Other                   294km
(includes cross-country skiing, kayaking, and hiking)
                             which leaves me with a total of:  3,862km

For this new year, and especially if I'm doing another 1/2 Marathon as well as 2 full, my running should probably be almost double that!
Thankfully I have a trainer right from the beginning this year, so given our 6 months of crappy road weather, I should still be able to increase mileage on the bike. With the 185km bike tour in July, this would be a good thing!
Swimming... I'm actually surprised I swam that far, but with the Half_Iron man ahead...I want to increase that as well.

As for walking with friends and the dogs, hiking up my most favorite mountains...well that is just a given. I need to double those kilometers!!

Now if one can just find the time to double their steps and swims.

Anyone know how to Double their Time in a day?