Saturday, January 7, 2012

Double the Time in my Day

I finally sat down and "totaled my Totals for 2011".

If I step back and look at seems okay.
But when I broke  it all down~ I'm lacking in the running department!
I did swim more than I thought, but I need to spin out a few more km's than I did on the bike.
My hiking meters need to pick up too.... for 2012;)

Over the entire 365 days of 2011, here are where my kilometers are found:

Running            876km
Cycling            2,234km
Swimming      243km (who swims more than they walk??!)
Walking            215km
Other                   294km
(includes cross-country skiing, kayaking, and hiking)
                             which leaves me with a total of:  3,862km

For this new year, and especially if I'm doing another 1/2 Marathon as well as 2 full, my running should probably be almost double that!
Thankfully I have a trainer right from the beginning this year, so given our 6 months of crappy road weather, I should still be able to increase mileage on the bike. With the 185km bike tour in July, this would be a good thing!
Swimming... I'm actually surprised I swam that far, but with the Half_Iron man ahead...I want to increase that as well.

As for walking with friends and the dogs, hiking up my most favorite mountains...well that is just a given. I need to double those kilometers!!

Now if one can just find the time to double their steps and swims.

Anyone know how to Double their Time in a day?


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I had to get my calculator out and convert miles to km's : )
Gret job in 2011 Dawn! I have no doubt you will step it up (even double up) on some of your stats and you will rock out the half iron and marathons. I'm still trying to figure out how to double the time in a day. I'll let you know when that happens.

Mike said...

Nice totals Dawn! I had to convert to miles too :-).

I wish the U.S. would have gone metric so my training numbers were bigger :-).

Just 2-3 extra hours a day would be nice assuming we could dedicate them to exercise or rest.

Clint said...

I am in awe of the disciplined and athletic goddess known as Dawn. You are an inspiration to me---and others, I am sure---to be more active this year.

Stephen Baird said...

wow! beautiful. nice photography.
nikonsniper steve

Julie Arts said...

love love love that beautiful picture!

When you figure out how to double your time, let me in on the secret!! Man, I need to know!!