Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's that season...

It's that season again.
The one where my running takes the back burner, and I find winter sports a welcome replacement.
(Not that I should...with the Half and Full Marathon in the near future....)

But a change is as good as a rest they say,
and one can ever say no to an Outdoor Adventure.

~Not one's with Skies like this:

~Or when there are Trails to be made in new snow:

~Not skipping corners:

~and Never forgetting to drop everything to capture it all with cell phone camera:

Yeah~ It's THAT season!

{Listed as: Winter Workouts that I Love most}


Mike said...

Nice pics Dawn! They look like post cards to me. I'm thankful to run at night on sidewalks in town and my view is horrible compared to your pics. I'll have to bring my phone on a run, the pics will really make you appreciate where you are.

Ruby said...

Love these shots!

Vito Coppola said...

Tutto molto suggestivo...

Buon 2012