Friday, November 25, 2011

the Beauty of a Challenge

Seems like the greatest challenges of our lives
~once we have aspired to them~
bring the most beauty.

This was taken at the top of a mountain trail race last August.
I had never run 29km before in my life...hardly trained for the race, 
and yet- 
there I was- 
on the top of the world (albeit hardly breathing)....
and capturing a photo of one of the most beautiful scenes imaginable.

This winter is seeming like a challenge to me already. Not quite as difficult as that particular trail run, but a mental as well as physical challenge.
The snow, ice, wind...have already made their appearance,
and I am not a particular fan of any of them.

My run the other night was a treacherous one....slipping over the icy roads and walkways.
The next morning it wasn't any better on the icy gravel.

Winter is my challenge at present.

But as with any challenge....bring it on.
I'll battle my way through the elements- and when spring hits...I will look back and forget the miserable parts...
(and be extremely happy it's over!).


Mike said...

Be careful out there Dawn. Hopefully you have access to a treadmill or can run with friends when it's bad out (or at least carry a phone). You wouldn't want to mess up your nice running outfits :-).

Have a great weekend!

LOLA said...

Take good care of yourself out there on the ice. Don't make us say we miss you because that's exactly what we would say if you weren't here. And the photo is beautiful.


Mike said...

Oh, I forgot to answer your question in your comment. Yes, I would trade cleaning for cooking any day. I love to cook. Cleaning, not so much.

Mike said...

Did you sign up for your first 70.3 yet? I'm struggling setting up my race schedule. I have a half written blog post regarding my schedule that I've been inching along for over a month now. Hopefully it will be solid enough to post in the next couple of weeks.

HappyTrails said...

I'm with you in regard to winter challenge - the dark, cold days - dealing with icy wind. We can't complain about snow and ice YET - both of those elements have eluded us thus far but am assured they are coming! :-) I try to not wish the time away (as in wishing for spring and summer!) and attempt to put a positive spin on winter - it just adds variety to our days! :-) I always marvel when folks who live in "winter challenged" conditions plan for a big race in January or February. I am not tough enough to execute the necessary training for something like that!

Nezzy said...

Wow!!! That first pic reminds me of the song..."On a clear can see forever!" Magnificent!!

Take care out there in the elements. Heck, when I chore I pile on so many layers...I just bounce back up when I fall!! Heeeehehehe!

God bless ya and have a magnificent day sweeite!!!! :o)