Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Beauty(?) of the sport

 My internal alarm clock got me up at 3:45 am today.
And once I'm up there is usually no point in trying to get back to sleep...for my mind starts to work the minute I open my eyes. Then I'm in trouble.

This morning's mind conversation went something like this:

"Should I go run?
Or maybe I should just go bike for a bit on the trainer before the swim?
Or maybe I should drive to town and do my long run and forget the swim today....
Should  I just swim?
Oh I WISH I could just sleep 2 more hours...."

The Bike Trainer in the basement won first place, swim came in second.

I started biking at 4am- and as it was so early - the only things on TV were some re-runs of a craft show and advertisements for Beauty Cream.
Wouldn't you know it...a super model was trying to sell a rejuvenating skin product which was supposed to make you look and then stay- YOUNGER.

Now really. When one gets out of bed at 3:45am and throws on shorts and an old T-shirt, no makeup, hair up in a mess.....do you want to sit and watch a super model flaunt her youthful Beauty?

For anyone who has worked on a trainer...it can be nothing but a Sweat-Fest.

And then there's the swim sessions.
Those swim caps can make you look like a bald eagle, not to mention owl-like when the goggles are in place.
And how about the eye rings until lunch time? My eyes look as though they were both hit by something until at least noon.

Then there's the feet.
Oh...the feet.
 I have pictures of after-training-race feet....but as so not to churn weak stomachs- I will refrain from posting.

In the summer one can sport beautiful tan lines from Tri-shorts and tops, and shoulders and noses are usually burned from the hours spent on the bike outside.

Most of the time, my Triathlon/Running involvement makes me feel like this:

(this picture was taken of me after an outdoor running session)

After cycling through yet another round of Beauty Cream advertisements and how one can maintain their youth by only spending $59.95 plus shipping and handling....
and watching the super model swing her un-pony tailed  tresses and smile with no goggle rings around her eyes...I turned the t.v. to off.

I was content to listen to the beauty of the wheel on the trainer, spin as I tried to make it go faster.
Listening to the sound of my music on the ipod- pump through my head as I tried to keep in time with my pedalling feet.

And when I got to the pool...I proudly donned my bright green swim cap and super-google-eyed glasses to swim for an hour....
pretending to glide through the seemingly blue (chlorinated) water as though I was a fish in the sea being chased by a predator, 
(which was actually the man next to me using  fins and paddles).

By 7am I had completed almost 40km of beautiful training time.
And at the end of it all...I felt like I had slept for  12 hours instead of 5.
I felt energized and ready to tackle my day.
My mind was finally on track and thoughts didn't feel so scattered.

All this, and I saved $59.95 and shipping.

There are some things Beauty Cream just can't do for you.


Mike said...

3:45 am and you feel great? I would be a wreck. It does sound like you need a couple things for training, like streaming netflix, a couple of big fans, and some aquashpere Kaiman goggles (to help with the raccoon eyes) :-).

Pam said...

You are amazing to me, Dawn! Not in my youngest of years could I imagine myself training like you do.

You Go girl.. follow your dreams and don't look back, you'll just waste time!


Buttons said...

Yeah I agree skip the cream you do not need it. B