Monday, September 3, 2012

My "Submit~Happy" finger

It seems this year has been full.
Almost too full.
And I don't mean with just every day events and schedules...I mean with added events which are completely within my control.
Like the control I SHOULD have had when it came to "trigger~happy finger".
Or rather...The "Submit Happy Finger".

It pushed submit on maybe one too many events for the racing season, (for where I am at in my life)...yet it seemed I was helpless to stop it.
                                           I just kept hitting submit. 
Almost without considering injuries or last place finishes;)

This year's racing schedule looked as follows:

March          Hypothermic ~Half Marathon
                    Indoor Rowing Championships  (with kiddo #1)

April            Bow River Run      ~5km Run      (with kiddo #4)
                   Spring Thaw Run ~10km Run

May             Woodys ~Marathon

June            Sprint Triathlon   (with all 4 kiddos)

July             Tour de 'lAlberta ~175km bike tour
                    Calgary 70.3 ~Half Ironman

August         Energizer Night Race ~10km Run  (with kiddo #1,#2,#4)
                    Moose Mountain ~Marathon

{And yet to come:}
September's Schedule~ 
                                           Rocky Mountain ~Half Marathon
                                           24 Hour Run....(need I say, the most daunting of all.)

I have to say that I probably chose the worst year to be "Submit Finger Happy" with these events. It's been a crazy year, not only with kiddos and their schedules, but changes in my life that have more than once- thrown me off track when it comes to training diligently and performing my best in these events.

Then could also consider the fact that, running and cycling and swimming and rowing make me quite a happy person. (For the most part.)
And I crossed many goals of my list this year...
 such as the Marathon (times 2), a beautiful Century Ride, the intimidating Half Ironman...and with fingers Ultra will be added to that list come the end of this month.

And while in the middle of a run or any type of race...there are these thoughts that cross my exhausted brain at least once during the course:
I am blessed to be able to do this... and our bodies are amazing machines which have been incredibly created. There isn't much one cannot do if one only uses their determination to get through. 

(and yes...we all hold that determination. 
We just need to use it.
 In ANY and EVERY area of our lives.)

My thought is this: 
If I can tackle a race on an injured foot~
Get lost on a marathon course and still finish while in a mental battle~
If I can train while my life is upside down in more areas than 3~
If I can run sleepless in a 10km and still finish with a smile~
          .....there isn't much that the human spirit can't overcome if only it perseveres.
And determines to carry on through the pain. 
And the breathlessness of it all.

And it seems as though my Submit Happy Finger keeps on twitching.
I just hit Submit on my first Full Triathlon for next year.

That's a
3.9km Swim~ 180km Bike~ 42.2km Run 
...of pure determination!
Bring It On!


Mike said...

You've had quite the year Dawn!! I'm impressed with all your accomplishments and have enjoyed following along. You are right, we are blessed to be able to get outside and live life to the fullest by challenging ourselves and stepping outside our comfort zones.

Cool pic you took of yourself in the mountains! Looks like a beautiful, peaceful place to be.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Solid race year, I am impressed