Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Best Laid Plans....

A week ago I finalized my race schedule for Year 2011.
There were 8 races on that list....2 of which I've completed this past month.
Others on the list:  a marathon, a 185km bike tour, a marathon mountain run, a Half Ironman, and even an Ultra....something I never dreamed I would THINK of attempting.

It seems ironic that my last post was on feet...and being grateful for them, because as I sit here typing- it's with my left foot up on 2 pillows wrapped in an ice pack.
I have had one physio appointment already and another tomorrow...and a bone scan booked for next week. There's been talk of just bruising...or something to do with tendons in my foot.....even a possible stress fracture.

Who would have thought?
The best laid plans..huh?

Funny (but not so funny) part is,
I was to begin a "job" as a running instructor just yesterday.
(The call to cancel my "instructorship" was most difficult.)

And my first ever marathon is only 60 days away.
(I have had offers already for my bib number...disheartening.)

I'm not ruling out my scheduled races. (Or trying not to.)
And I have a few people being optimistic for me and saying it will right itself before long.
My fingers...(and toes if they could move)...are crossed for a speedy recovery of whatever it is.

But whatever comes of it....I TRULY am trying to grasp a positive outlook on it all.
And TRYING HARD  not to mourn the loss of a run whenever I pass a running route of mine.

If nothing else...I'm going to be a improved long distance swimmer, as that is about the only sport I can participate in without having my foot swell up the size of an ugly baseball. This week I've already swam 11kilometers....of back and forth and back and forth ...and back and forth.

Whatever happens.....I promise to try to remain positive, realize things could be worse, and continue to gaze longingly at my running roads as I pass by them on a daily basis. From my vehicle.

Here's to ice packs
sweet Physio workers
a "positive" bone scan result.

And no missed races if possible.

The Best Laid Plans can still happen....even if there has to be adjustments made...or routes re-routed.

Learning to Fall and get Back Up}


Horst in Edmonton said...

Hope you get back on your feet running soon. Take care and keep active.

Mike said...

Great attitude Dawn! Injuries are bound to happen, but that doesn't make dealing with them any easier.

Your long swims have been insanely long. I'm not sure I could stay awake that long :-).

Debbie said...

oh dawn, i will cross my fingers and my toes for you!!

sending you a big hug!!

TexWisGirl said...

i hope, of all else, that your health is not impacted for the long term. fingers crossed for a quick, full recovery.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

You know I've been there. If you run, eventually you get injured. I hope this is one of those injuries that doesn't keep you down for long! It's disappointing to have to change your dreams, but there will always be new dreams in the future, just waiting to be realized.

Hilary said...

Oh crap.. I'm so sorry about your injury but you sure do have a good attitude about it. I did some major damage to my own ankle last July and I'm still struggling with it. But I'm old. You're young and in great shape. I suspect you'll just be postponing your plans and you'll be back before you know it. Hugs to you.

Aimee said...

OH NO! I'm so sorry! I really hope you get a positive bone scan back!! Just remember, that you're doing the right thing right now by resting and letting your body heal. The marathon/bike ride/etc..will all be there waiting for you when you're ready!!

John McElveen said...

Feets- don't fail me now! What a great attitude--take it all in Stride--ar ar--OK, I deserve to be hit later!

Hope you smiled at least!

Hugs & Prayers,


rosaria said...

Ah, the tumbles of life define our character more than success. Get strong, and stay positive, and whatever happens you'll be prepared for the next set of goals.

Best of luck to you.

Val said...

Thinking of you, my friend.

Anonymous said...
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