Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Sprint~Tri Thursday

Training can be boring and monotonous. I decided that over the fall/winter months I would try to make it more interesting~~~
As the shorter days shorten even further, and the cold begins to turn to ice and snow, one needs to stay motivated some how.

This leads to days like: Sprint~Tri Thursdays

As the pool is closed for lane swimming during the afternoon I thought an erg workout on my deck would take place of the swim. (I needed some sort of arm workout:)

My own "Fun Sprint Tri" results today are as follows:

Deck Erg 1500m ~~~~ 6:19.9 minutes
(I doubled the distance from the normal 750m as it felt like cheating on an erg;)

Home Loop Bike 20km~~~~~41.56 minutes

Home Loop Run 5km~~~~~~29:05 minutes

....for a grand total of 26.5km in  1:17:20.9.

My last Sprint Tri was about 5 months ago, and I have learned to like this distance as a workout.
It's nice when one can look back and think the distances that once seemed daunting, have now become workout distances in an afternoon! (And the front deck makes for a perfect transition area.)

Do you have any interesting workouts to keep things motivating over the dreary months of darker days? I may need to try them out!


The last Sprint Tri I did~ June2012. 
My youngest son participated in the Kids of Steel, 
and I raced my oldest the next day in the Adult Sprint Tri. 
This weekend is becoming a tradition for the 3 of us. 


Julie Arts said...

I just read about "where I want my feet to be". Those are some GREAT goals/dreams, Dawn. I can't wait to follow along your journey to them.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

This is so cool, Dawn! Once I have someone in my blog reader, I forget to check if they have other blogs. I had no idea you're into triathlons. GO, GIRL!!! Awesome.

Mike said...

It is a great feeling when a sprint tri becomes a normal workout. As for winter training, last year I did a modified version of this plan and watched netflix or played xbox at the same time. It helped give me a goal and working out by heart rate helped me push harder when needed and back off when needed instead of just plodding along at the same old pace. I modified it to 3 days/week so I could fit in running and swimming.

Haddock said...

Training can be boring and monotonous.... this is so true and we have to always invent ways to break that monotony.